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About the Author: MADISON YOUNG is an artist, author, feminist pornographer, and sexual revolutionary.  Young is the founder and facilitator of the only Erotic Film School in the United States. Young has directed 43 erotic films over the past decade garnering numerous XBiz and AVN nominations for both her performances and directorial works and is a six time Feminist Porn Award winner. Her films have been screened at film festivals Internationally including at the Berlin Porn Film Festival, Cinekink, and The LGBT Film Festival of Paris. Young speaks frequently on the topic of feminism and pornography at colleges, universities and conferences such as the University of California, Berkeley, Northwestern University, the University of Toronto, Yale University and Hampshire College. Young has been featured for her expertise in sex-positive culture in numerous documentaries,television and media outlets such as Bravo, the Huffington Post, the New York Times, and HBO.  Her writings have been published in books such as The Ultimate Guide to Kink, Best Sex Writing 2013, and Coming Out Like a Porn Star. Her memoir, Daddy(Rare Bird/Barnacle Books), was published in February 2014 followed by the publication of her second book, The Ultimate Guide to Sex through Pregnancy and Motherhood(Cleis Press). Young is currently working on a documentary that explores motherhood and sexuality entitled “Becoming MILF”.  Madison Young lives and works in Berkeley, California.

What People are saying: 

“A smart porn primer with a fiery DIY punk heart. Madison’s lifelong love of DIY punk aesthetics fires up this smart and sensible primer to making your own porn.  Madison’s range is incredible; she details everything from story creation to camera angles to grassroots fundraising tips. It’s a rare porn director who has both laboriously produced her own tiny low-budget avant-garde productions and helmed mainstream porn gigs as an experienced professional; we readers reap the benefits of what she’s learned in both worlds. Full of personal anecdotes and Madison’s infectious enthusiasm, I’d recommend this both to anyone simply curious about the feminist porn buzz, as well as anyone who’s got their personal porn fantasy lined up and just needs a little push to help bring their dreams to life.” — Jennifer Lyon Bell, award-winning feminist porn director, Blue Artichoke Films

“The DIY Porn Handbook: Documenting Our Sexual Revolution” is for anyone who has watched Madison Young’s unique brand of erotic film and wondered how it’s created from start to finish. Young gives the reader not only her filmmaking manifesto, but also all the tools of her trade from how to make a shot list, to ensuring to unplug the refrigerator before you start filming (a mistake I have made many times.)

In an age where the barrier of entry into adult entertainment is such that anyone with a smartphone can become a porn producer, Young’s handbook comes just in the nick of time to help guide and inspire the next generation of do-it-yourself pornographers.” –Siouxsie Q, SF Weekly Columnist, Podcaster, and Author of  Truth, Justice, and the American Whore

“The DIY Porn Handbook is the most useful and elegant How-To book ever written. Not only does it show us how to document our own sexual revolution, it offers the best history yet of that revolution and its far-reaching influence on our culture and body politic.” – Constance Penley Professor of Film and Media Studies at UCSB and Co-Editor of The Feminist Porn Book: The Politics of Producing Pleasure

“What is the future of pornography? The DIY Porn Handbook asks us to rethink porn for the masses as a grassroots art and political project, one that will redefine a culture of sexual commodification as the energetic expression of sexual liberation.  Madison Young encourages us to roll up our sleeves and get busy in the work of making the kind of porn we want to see.  Exposing the vast creativity, excitement, and optimism of feminist and queer pornographers transforming our sexual culture and erotic lives, Young’s book empowers readers to create media, spaces, and conversations about sex that can revolutionize pornography and our society more broadly.  Taking the shame and the game out of porn, this book inspires us to embrace our inner porn director and, following Young’s DIY ethos, boldly make our voices and visions heard. Porn is political, didn’t you know?  –Mireille Miller-Young, Associate Professor of Feminist Studies, University of California, Santa Barbara, co-editor of The Feminist Porn Book: The Politics of Producing Pleasure, and author of A Taste for Brown Sugar: Black Women in Pornography

“Madison Young is one of the most important feminist artists and pornographers working today. She’s brave, brilliant, and one of a kind!” —Tristan Taormino

“In my twenty-five years as both an entertainer and educator of adults, I’ve met very few women as compelling as Madison Young. Over the past two and a half decades I’ve worked with many attractive, artistic, creative, intelligent, ambitious, strong and driven women, as well as women with strong points of view to share with an audience. I’ve rarely, however, experienced all of those traits in one person as I do in Ms. Young.” —Nina Hartley

“Madison’s love for the arts and her drive to support other artists makes her a special and unique symbol within both the sex industry and the art community. Madison has the ability to blend these worlds while maintaining both eroticism and intellect.” —Dave Navarro, Jane’s Addiction guitarist and author of Trust No One

“Making love is an art, and Madison Young is the Picasso of porn. She is the hottest, coolest, most movin’ and shakin’ist sex performer of today—and very likely of the next half century. Madison Young’s performances are absolutely transcendental. She knows how to surrender to absolute ecstasy in just one breath. I’ve never seen a more erotically gifted pleasure artist. A truly enlightened slut! Madison Young is my porn art guru.” –  ANNIE SPRINKLE writer, porn star, performance artist, sex educator

“Madison Young is one of indie porn and the sex-positive community’s brightest young stars. She puts her own body and eroticism on the line. And she documents her own sexual exploration and the interstices between sex and art so that even armchair erotic travelers can understand and vicariously experience these adventures.” – DR. CAROL QUEEN author, editor, sexologist

“Madison Young’s pioneering work breaks boundaries. She is leading a new generation of “post-porn modernists” as she deconstructs traditional concepts of the erotic and refigures them as artistic and educational performances that delight, entertain, and enlighten.” –  Charles Gatewood




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