The Venue

The Embodiment Arts Collective is located at 3490 20th Street, 3rd Floor, San Francisco CA 94110. – Need Directions to the Venue? (Check out this link for map and directions via car,walking, bike or public transit – HERE)


The Embodiment Arts Collective is a site of wellness and resilience in a changing San Francisco, dedicated to keeping the radical, sex-affirming heart of our city alive. We are a multidisciplinary healing arts space, with an inclusive social justice focus. We especially love those who feel themselves to be outsiders.  We honor our ancestors, our teachers and those who came before, and lean on them to help heal the wounds that we and our clients face.

Our mission is to become free, well and skillful humans, so that we may guide our clients to freedom and wellness, through our own lived examples of embodied healing.

Collectively, we become skilled as humans through conscious communal practice. Together, we learn to take exquisite care of our hearts, minds, bodies, relationships and Earth.  We teach each other to make choices that support our well-being in all ways. We support each other to create lives that are intimate, colorful, kind, open-hearted with excellent boundaries, prosperous, and nourishing.  We create the world we want to live in: through this collective, we build a vital culture that is tender yet powerful, playful and pleasure-honoring, and shamelessly sparkles.

We will feel satisfied that we have succeeded in our mission, when we and our clients consistently feel worthy of love, joy, pleasure, health, and abundance.

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