Schedule & Curriculum

at a beautiful artist loft location in downtown Oakland, California. (Address to be given upon acceptance to the EFS program)

Our Class is currently full for August 3rd,4th,and 5th 2018


Below you will find our 2018 EFS schedule.  This will give you an idea of the format of our training program and what you can expect for our 2018 schedule of course work.  We will be bringing in new panelists and guest lectures for 2018 and announcing our complete 2018 schedule of classes in June of 2018.  Space is limited for this program so send in your application for our 2018 program today and start documenting your own sexual revolution!

Erotic Film School’s third annual training program will take place in San Francisco California at The Embodiment Arts Collective and facilitated by world renowned feminist porn director, Madison Young. The program will walk participants through every step of production from the development of a narrative and shot list to creating a budget and booking/collaborating with models and crew.

At the end of the 3 days of programming participants will have worked with industry models, video and photography cameras, developed a collaborative script and shot list, shot and directed a short erotic film, edited a short erotic film, screened the final project for the class and friends. Each day will be catered and there will be extra curricula outside of class events for crew bonding and collaborative and inspiring downtime.

30 hours – Three 10 hour class days . This also includes a networking party and film screening with adult film makers, performers, industry professionals following the weekend intensive in which participants will have the opportunity to view their work on the big screen.

Friday  Aug 3rd 2018
9am -10am – Lead by Madison Young  – Identifying and Manifesting your Film
– Lecture/ Key Note Presentation
– Creating a Mission and Values Statement
– Why make Erotic Film?
– Social and Cultural impact of Erotic film
– Presentation of media clips

10am – 11am – Marketing Erotic Film lead by Madison Young
– Creating a Marketing Plan
– Utilizing Social Media to Create a Brand for your Film
– Marketing techniques
– Presentation of successful and unsuccessful marketing
-Building a Marketing Team
– Questions

11am – 12:30pm: Guest Presenter  – TBA

12:30pm – 1pm –

1 – 2pm
Topic: Creating a Budget, Shot List, Casting and Script writing
– How to create a budget
– Fundraising for a film
– What is a Shot List and how to create one?
– Story boarding

2pm – 4pm – Hands on Collaboration – Script Writing & Creating Shot list
– Breaking into groups to work on script writing
– Questions

4:15pm -5pm  – Guest Lecture  – TBA

5pm – 7pm –  Dinner Break

7:30pm – 9pm Solidifying Vision for production Location – The Armory Club – 1799 Mission St San Francisco

Saturday Aug 4th, 2018

9am – 11am – Erotic Photography

1. How to shoot to tell the erotic story, (tech skills)

2. How to work with composition, designing open space for text on boxes, promotional materials.

3. Designing image that WILL be published to get you press so your hard core images get seen & events attended!


11am – 11:30 Presentation by Madison Young on Paper work, Setting the stage, facilitating communication amongst performers,video and photography, performer etiquette.

– Lecture/ Key Note Presentation
– What paper work is necessary on an erotic film shoot
– Preparing the Set – How to create a set that is both inspiring to performers and the viewer
– Basics of video and camera operation
– Performer etiquette – creating a safe and inspiring set for performers and crew
– Dos and and Don’ts of production
– Questions

11:30am – 12:30pm – Lunch

12:30pm – 1pm – Presentation by Madison Young on the topic of Shooting photos, Shooting narratives, shooting sex scene
(All students will be participating in the production elements as we are shooting the film they scripted the day before)
– Learning the equipment
– Basics in Lighting
– Shooting promotional photos
– How to shoot narratives and exposition
– How to Shoot a Sex Scene
– Questions

1pm – 4pm – Hands on Collaborative Filmmaking –  Shooting two sex scenes and narrative shots, behind the scenes interviews
(All students will be participating in the production elements as we are shooting the film they scripted the day before)

– Transitioning between scenes
– How to conduct a behind the scenes interview

4 – 4:45pm – Notes about production day, Things to take note of at the field trip, thoughts and questions from students about what they experienced.

5pm 5:30 – Dinner Break

7pm – Special Event!!

Sunday Aug 5th 2018

9am – 10am –  Marketing and Distribution for Erotic Film Lead by Madison Young
– Lecture/ Key Note Presentation
– Post Production Marketing
– Distribution Outlets
– Blogs and Web Presence
– Questions

10am – 11am – Hands on Collaborative Filmmaking – Viewing Footage and using our shot list as our guide

Very basics of Editing and Final Cut Pro

– presentation
– demonstration
– video
– Where to seek additional education in editing.
– Book recommendations on editing

11am – 12:30pm: Guest Presenter on Editing for Erotic Filmmakers
Presenting on the contents of:

12:30pm – 1pm: LUNCH

1pm – 3pm – Hands on Editing – Collaborative Hands on Filmmaking
– Editing Footage
– Editing Sound
– Adding soundtrack
– Exporting film

3pm – 3:30pm – Review protocol for the networking party and screening and set up for event

3:30 – 5pm –  Screening Party at Embodiment Arts Collective
– Networking
– Screening
– Submitting the work to upcoming festivals
– Panel with students in which the audience gets to ask them questions
– Presented with Certificates for the completion of the Erotic Film School’s 30 Hour program

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